By Chill is a personal style and shopping blog created and edited by Chloé Hill.
Chloé is from Wellington, NZ and is currently based in Sydney, Australia where she works in the fashion industry.

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BYCHILL Chloe Hill wearing pared eyewear at MBFWA

Shot by The Street Muse for Neiman Marcus

BY CHILL CHLOE HILL WEarin haryono setiadi on the streets of sydney at Australia fashion weekShot by Adam Katz Sinding of le21eme.com.

BY CHILL CHLOE HILL Shot by Tommy Ton for Style dot com wearing emma mulhollandTop: Shot by Katherine Lowe.  Bottom: Shot by Tommy Ton for Style.com.

BYCHILL Chloe Hill wearing gorman fluffy jumper and bianca spender checked skirt at MBFW

 BYCHILL Chloe Hill shot at Fashion week for Vogue UK and by Lee Oliviera

Top: Shot by Candice Lake for Vogue UK.  Bottom: Shot by Lee Oliveira.

BYCHILL Chloe Hill wearing Easton Pearson pink check dress at MBFWAShot for Vogue.com.au.